Reconstructing Mayakovsky

I am pretty sure everyone started on the same page as I did reading Reconstructing Mayakovsky, but probably interpreted it differently because of the way we navigated the literature. I clicked the “BEGIN” button and the first things I saw was a cluster of dots that moved with just a small touch. The cluster rotated and moved up and down. The size of the text changed as I moved my mouse which was very interesting. There was also this irritating sound which made me scratch myself multiple times. I was reminded of televisions that have no signal.Image result for television off


After getting over the sound and myself, I hovered my mouse over the words and found that they were clickable, so clicked Theater to see where it would take me.


I got to the screen above and it seems like an invitation. I mean who wouldn’t like an invitation to some audition asking you to striptease. I hovered my mouse over “LOVE”, “ART” and “RELOVUTION” expecting them to take me to another secret realm. I like calling them secrets because it feels like I am the only person who knows about this place. I know it’s not! Leave me alone to fantasize! Jeez!

Anyway, those three words were not hyperlinked, so I took my disappointment to the >download invitation button which directed me to a pdf page with actual invitations with information on them.ReconMaya2

At this point, I’m like okay, what’s going on? where am I? However, I was not “lost” as I was reading Twelve Blue. There was an actual correlation and I was not trying to rack my brain trying to figure out what was going on.

I read the invitations and went back to the page before this. Since there were no hypertexts, I went back to the original page by clicking the mechanisms tab. It took me back to the cluster of dots with texts. I clicked the movie tab which took me to a different page with a sort of propaganda video which pertained to the story. The voice of the narrator played a role. The story deals with a dystopia, so it definitely had that vibe going on. I started getting a sense of what the story was about, however, I did not want to dive too much into it since my classmate was going to go over it.


I loved the whole idea of the Manifesto. The page had Rules of what made a dystopia. But what caught my attention was the printed version which is shown above. The paper definitely had more impact and I would love to hear more about that when Kelli goes over it in class.

I went through some other tabs including Audio Podcasts, which opened up to the same concept of rotation. But this rotation involved numbers which I presumed were the chapters of the story. When I hovered, the audio had a preview, but when I clicked on it, it actually had someone narrating the story. I also clicked Mechanisms B which also took me to a  different page with the same concept of rotation. But unlike the others, the background was red and it had titles, I clicked on the titles and it took me to the chapters. The format was very traditional.

Looking forward to what Kelli and Stephanie have installed for the class!


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