Give me some more Hobo Lobo!

Okay, I think Hobo Lobo of Hamelin is my favorite elit that I’ve read so far. I loved the story including the ending of page six (Don’t judge me….). I loved so many things about it that I don’t even know where to begin so I might as well list them.

  1. Navigation

After reading a few elit,  I have learned to click anything that is clickable on the screen. Never know where it might take you. Although this was very straightforward with the page numbers and the end and beginning tabs on top of the page, I was still curious about the question mark in the corner and the psst at the top. After satisfying my curiosity, I saw that they were the author’s notes which were even interesting to look at. It was not your typical author’s note, but I will not get into that.

After clicking everything, I realized that I was on the first page of the story(facepalm). After reading #1 of page 1, I clicked the sign(>) that indicated going on the next page. There was a quick movement, and then the next scene. I was baffled like, why did this move so fast. So I went back and forth a few times on the 1st and 2nd page to catch what was going on in scenes. I grasped everything and moved to #3 but instead of clicking on the screen I subconsciously used the arrows on my keyboard and noticed a difference in how the scenes changed. Navigating the story with the keyboard arrows helped capture the essence of the animation.

There were a few pages that a had slideshow to give more insight into what Hobo Lobo did as a “professional.” The pictures in the slideshow moved very fast, but there was a pause tab on the bottom which made it convenient and very easy to navigate.


2. The story

I felt like I was reading a fable filled with satire. It reminded me of Animal Farm by George Orwell and I guess that was part of the reason I liked it even more. The animation also played a huge role because it was well crafted and sometimes it had a lot going on and I believe the author wanted the audience to take it all in. I felt like a kid again reading this twisted story. The characters felt very familiar and believe that also played role in me liking this elit.  I felt like I was flipping through a book at some point, but then  I would get to some parts and then I’m like, no this is electronic literature and that is what makes it special. The traditional literature would not have you sitting a minute or two waiting to see what happens to about 20 children going inside a cave. This particular author had an image he wanted to convey and he did that beautifully through the animation.

I do consider this as literature just like the previous elit we read in the class. I see them as literature because I’m reading and interacting with it at the same time. If we based “literature” on textual contexts, we are never going to be able to move forward. I would recommend this type of literature to anyone who “hates” reading because I believe it offers more to the reader. There were not a lot of interactive elements like Reconstructing Mayakovsky or Twelve Blue, but I was able to read this and I was one with this elit.

P.S When are the other chapters/pages coming out? Asking for a friend……


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