With Those We Love Alive

With Those We Alive. How do you come up with a title so beautiful yet so daunting? Before reading the piece and getting to know what it is about, the title got me thinking about what we perceive about those who are dead and those that are living. I can not speak for others, but whenever I do a project or write about someone based on a specific topic, I would usually choose a family member that has passed on. I would dedicate this piece of work to them and they would never receive them.

I would never think to dedicate a piece to those that are alive and I love very much. I am taking their companionship for granted. When they leave me, I will dedicate poems, stories, and handmade jewelry to them and they will never receive it. I am making something in honor of my two passed relatives and the title actually made me stop and think about the reason why I am making these things for them or in honor of them. It got me thinking really deeply and taking me to uncomfortable places I’ve been neglecting these past few years.

The title got really got me…..

The first few “pages” where the reader had the choice of selecting the birth month, eye color and element reminded me of those Tumblr posts where your birth month and birthday indicated that you were a character based on the premise of the chart.

Image result for tumblr birth month

In this elit, you have the choice of choosing your birth month,  element and eye color which will generate a name for your journey. The first time I did this I was an artificer, but I wanted to know if picking a different birth month, element or eye color would change what my ‘talents’ were or if it would my change my journey in the palace.

Just like the title, the elit is very catching and colorful but very dark. We are presented with vibrant colors like blue and pink, but the content of the piece has death themes like the “Skull Empress.”

I read and I was very confused about the author’s intention. I read it again after reading the statement and I still struggled to find the connections between her intentions and the elit. So I am curious about what others think about the piece.


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