Icarus Needs

First, I would like to announce that I managed to complete Icarus Needs on my first try! I am very proud of myself because I’ve had some difficulties navigating some of the elit pieces. For instance, With Those We Alive, I did not realize I had to “sleep” to move onto the next phase which made me little upset when we did the walkthrough in class. I thought I had made some progress on navigating elit, so it definitely felt like a setback…:(


However, I saw Icarus Needs, I read the author’s statement and realized that I needed to complete some kind of mission. So, if the mission was not completed, I needed to figure my way around it and not completely give up. I had to figure out a few things, but I CONQUERED ICARUS NEEDS!

Image result for conquered gifs

I would like to do a walkthrough on how I navigated the piece which was pretty straightforward.

In the beginning, Icarus woke up or thought he woke up and realized that he was still in dreamland. On the screen, we already had our first mission on the left sidebar which told us, “Icarus Needs: To wake up.” I was not aware that it was part of the game until I noticed it added missions like finding the keys, etc. As I navigated, I noticed the right sidebar also had “In his Pocket”, which were the essentials Icarus needed for his mission to rescue Kit and to wake up from his dream.


After completing the missions at the Corridor, I moved on to the next Location which was the Outdoors. The change of the Location also changed the color of the layout which was interesting.

Icarus 4

The colors were not random at all. It matched the location and the themes. For example, the author used orange and yellow undertones for the outdoors to signify the bright summer. The squirrels,  the apple tree, and the hot air balloon gave that those particular strips the summery theme to complement the “outdoor” location.  The color and the music choice for the Castle also worked well. It was not out of place. When I think of a castle, I death, blood, and all these horrible things. But the king was a squirrel which just melted my cold-blooded heart. I felt like the author was telling me that nothing horrible would happen in this castle, so just enjoy the journey and the squirrel 🙂

Image result for cute squirrel gifs

Does this piece serve its purpose as an Electronic literature? I believe it does. It composes all the elements that would characterize it as such. The plot, the interactiveness, the music, the layout, etc. The way I navigated might have been different from how someone else might have done it, but we do reach the same end goal which is Icarus realizing it was just a pretty adventurous and good dream.

Overall, the is piece was very entertaining and I am very proud to have completed it!








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