Separation/Uncle Roger

The ending of Separation surprised me because while reading the poetry, I had an image of a couple going through some difficulties. The statement did say the elit was about the physical and psychic disorders from the result of the intensive use of computers. I did not read the statement and it is one of the first times I’m glad I did not read the statement because it created an element of surprise as the reader.

The funny thing is while I thought this was about a couple, I had no questions about why there were stretching exercises in the elit piece. While going through the piece, I guess I clicked too quickly which made the poetry “pause.”I had to go back and take in the poetry more slowly and understand the content.

Elit piece Update

I decided to change the tool I’m using from Wix to Prezi because Prezi does not have the linear navigation which the Wix had. The concept of the story will remain the same, the navigation will just be different.Capture1


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