Like Stars in A Clear Night Sky

This Elit piece is beautiful. The interface is very simple, but it is interactive. The audio recording in the elit was effective and it served as a great introduction. Lsiacls1

Shall I tell you about my love? She is near me always.

This piece is such a light-hearted story compare the other stories. It talks about a love story between two people and how they interact with each other. The style and positioning elevate the story.


Shall I tell you about my water, which is getting thirsty?

This piece is different from the previous piece. While the first one was very clear about the story, I was not too sure about what this was about. However, the language used was very beautiful.

**This piece is similar to what I want to accomplish in my own personal elit piece. I was not sure about how I wanted to present my story, so this gave me an idea of how it is going to be done. 🙂


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